Visual Overhaul

Dear all,

You’ve probably noticed by now that every time you load a page the design is completely different. I’ve changed the website theme and been fiddling with ways of making it easier to navigate and read posts.

Hopefully it is coming together and starting to look alright, but if you see anything offensive to your eye or could make any suggestions for improvements, I’d be happy to investigate.

In addition, there are probably still a few dead links out there, so please let me know if you come across any problems and I will get around to fixing them as soon as humanly possible.

Much love,

Mr Sir x

One thought on “Visual Overhaul

  1. Death
    I am the one whose thought
    Is as the deed; I have no brother, and
    No father; years
    Have never seen my power begin. A chain
    Doth bind all things to me. In my hand, man, –
    Infinite thinker, -vanishes as doth
    The worm that he creates, as doth the moth
    That it creates, as doth the limb minute
    That stirs upon that moth My being is
    Inborn with all things, and
    With all things doth expand.

    But fear me not; I am
    the hoary dust, the shut ear, the profound,
    The deep of night,
    When Nature’s universal heart doth cease
    And tongueless, negative of all things. Yet
    Fear me not, man; I am the blood that flows
    Within thee,-I am change; and it is I
    Creates a joy within thee, when thou feel’st
    Manhood and new untried superior powers
    Rising before thee: it is can make
    Old things give place
    To thy free race.

    ~William Bell Scott (1811-1890)

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