Dear all,

Apologies for my neglect, but I was awfully busy last week.

Babies are hard work and as I’d been away from my wife for months before going back for the birth, I wasn’t going to spend a great deal of time sorting things on here.

In addition, I had two interviews for position in the Netherlands as we are desperate to move back to Europe now in order to bring up the boy near to grandparents and friends. Offered both the jobs! Accepted one and I will be leaving Uzbekistan permanently for the Netherlands in 73 days! Yes!

I am now back in Uzbekistan so have a bit more time in the evenings to do things on the site. First of all I am going to finish marking and commenting on all the essays that have been submitted, but then I will plough on with the AS poetry analysis. I’ve already done a number of the poems in my little poetry book, so hopefully the next few should be up relatively soon.

Anyway, update over. Hope you are all well!

Mr Sir

Author: Mr Sir

Although I've only been teaching Literature since 2011 and did my degree in History, I think that makes me better placed than many Lit teachers to provide notes that make sense and aren't garbled and wrapped up with inaccessible terminology and effluent nonsense. After adventures in Uganda and Uzbekistan, I am now settling down in the Netherlands. However, currently I am just about as unsettled as I have ever been, with a new job, a new baby, a new country and a hundred other things going on! Ask me a question, collaborate or abuse me.

2 thoughts on “Update”

    1. Hi Shloka,

      You can email me on cieliteraturecontact@gmail.com. I will take this as confirmation you are happy for me to post you essay on the site and unfortunately you need to be patient in terms of when I will be able to provide feedback.


      Mr Sir

      Edit to say: I think you posted your essay on a comment. I have saved it as a Word file already and will get round to it when I can, but I didn’t want it clogging up the comment section.

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