Update: Still Alive

Dear loyal readership,

I hope you all had a splendid 2016 and are all set for an even better 2017.

This is certainly the case for me as I have gone from being a world drifter to a family manner with some degree of stability looming in the near future: mortgage, house, responsibility and all that other good stuff that comes along with it.

However, this has come at a cost and I know that my promises and timelines for getting things done on the site are constantly being broken. I can only apologise and assure you that I am doing my best. So much so, I have agreed with my wife that I will be giving one evening a week over to the site. Hopefully with a regular slot, I can get everything done that I think would be useful.

The AS section is almost complete and after that I will be have a good hard look at what to do next. On my list I have down that I should be looking at the A2 selection for Marvell, but I think it might be more prudent to do the iGCSE selection as they are just way, way, way more popular and more heavily read. I will keep you informed, but please feel free to comment to try to influence me.

A quick word on comments: thanks! It is really lovely to get so many comments explaining how the site has helped and made a difference and this is probably one of the main reasons I carry the site on. Please do continue asking questions and contributing ideas as it helps make the site a bit more interactive and insures that thousands of students don’t have to rely on my ideas or have to suffer my many, many mistakes within my analysis.

Lots of love and kisses,

Mr Sir

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