Update – Mucking around with the menus

Hi guys,

Loads of free time on my hands now due to a poorly advised second round of mock exams at my school. Quite peaceful though and you’ve probably noticed my post rate going up quite a bit recently: I’m aiming at popping out a proper post a day and pretty much sticking to it at the minute.

Anyway, just wanted to explain/justify the changes going on and ask for a bit of feedback. I’ve reorganised the menu so that the poetry takes centre stage. You might have noticed that the other notes don’t get much attention and I just don’t ever have time to work on them, so poetry is going to be pretty much my only focus for the time being. I’ve added pages in preparation for future texts for iGCSE, AS and A2 and I think I am pretty much fixed on these choices… unless there is a great outcry.

However, it would be really helpful to get some feedback on the layout: any issues, suggestions or irritations. I already anticipate an issue with people not being sure which poetry selection they need and maybe I need to make the currently examined sections somehow stand out clearly from future sections. What do you think?

Lastly, I know a lot of people really want me to get the comparison chart done for the current iGCSE Songs of Ourselves and I will make a non-binding legal promise here to get it finished by Wednesday at the latest! Woo!

Much love,

Mr Sir

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