Thoroughly Inspiring Poetry

I’ve seen some really excellent examples of poetry being performed recently and thought it might be nice to have a place to track it. My criteria for including these videos is basically just a performance I have enjoyed and as such I’m not going to analyse what is going on, but I think you might just enjoy listening and taking these poems in.

These are gathered from all over, but I would recommend a peak at BBC America to hear some classic British poetry being read beautifully by some of the top British actors.

First up, for the Facebook generation, a poem about the impact of social networking (not sure I completely agree with the message, but there is something there).

Next, this poem is about inspiring us to do something with our lives. What an opening line!

I’ve just seen this advert on BBC World News and was really captivated by it. I’m a sucker for a good advert!

For anyone who says context isn’t important when understanding a poem, follow this one. Rudyard Kipling’s boy has died at sea and this poem is rich with emotion.

A particular favourite from my A-level studies, and another from BBC America. One of the all time classic anti-war poems showing trench warfare for what it was.

I often come back to this poem as I find it one of the most  beautiful expressions of love and devotion ever delivered, but unfortunately after the death of the most important person in W.H. Auden’s world. How can the world continue without you?

Author: Mr Sir

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