Past Papers – AS-Level

Paper from 06/06/2014

This is going to be a rough approximation of the questions rather than the exact ones, but should be good enough for now.

Songs of Ourselves:

1) Compare how two poems demonstrate human nature.

2) Analyse: When I Was Fair and Young

Half of a Yellow Sun:

1) Discuss the presentation of Olanna in Half of a Yellow Sun.

2) Analyse the character of Ugwu as he is introduced to the novel:

Extract covers the bit when he arrives at Odenigbo’s house – chicken wings and joy at the taps.

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Although I've only been teaching Literature since 2011 and did my degree in History, I think that makes me better placed than many Lit teachers to provide notes that make sense and aren't garbled and wrapped up with inaccessible terminology and effluent nonsense. After adventures in Uganda and Uzbekistan, I am now settling down in the Netherlands. However, currently I am just about as unsettled as I have ever been, with a new job, a new baby, a new country and a hundred other things going on! Ask me a question, collaborate or abuse me.

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    1. Nope, no poem just a question. Depending on the paper you do sometimes get a choice of essay question or extract question. However, an extract question means you have to answer specifically about that poem and eliminates the element of choice.

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