Nice article

Just a quick one for any iGCSEers.

Following my post about ‘The Planners’ earlier in the week, I came across this lovely article about the transformation of Singapore that the poem concerns. Well worth a read, even if it probably won’t get you any extra marks.

If you are wondering why I have been so prolific this week it is because my other half has been away on a camping trip. I’ve never got so much work done! However, I’m glad she’s back as I’d transformed into a night owl, only getting a couple of hours sleep a night, and my diet mainly consisted of crisps as cooking seemed too much of an effort! I should have ‘Where I Come From’ published at some point this weekend, despite her presence.

Oh, and a quick bit of advice: if you haven’t started revising yet and getting your schedule in order, you’d better get on with it!

Author: Mr Sir

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  1. Hi.I love your website.We are studying the poems of Wilfred Owen for our AS course.Have you completed any analysis on these? Thanks Kate

    1. Thanks very much. I haven’t studied Wilf as an English teacher, but studied war poetry a decade or so ago for my A-levels. Probably not going to get anything on here for a considerable time, but there are loads of good websites around. I remember the BBC having amazing notes when I was studying… they must still be there.

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