New Baby, New Country, New Job

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know why I am so quiet at the moment and to outline my plans for the next year or so.

At the beginning of July I relocated from Uzbekistan to the Netherlands and this time I think I will be settling. My son was born here in April and I am now struggling to get to terms with the complete change in my circumstances: I’ve never been so exhausted in my life.

Added to the stresses of a new language, culture and baby, I am also starting at a new school, which is actually an IB school. In the short term, this will not affect the focus of the site, but I make no promises beyond the next couple of years. The main reason this is significant is that it means that I have very little time to work on the site. My plan is to get AS notes finished by Christmas and then make a start on the A2 Andrew Marvel collection.

I hope you will excuses the slow down and as always please get in contact if you have specific questions or issues you want help with.


Mr Sir

5 thoughts on “New Baby, New Country, New Job

  1. Thank you for replying! One question I did have: when examiners check our papers, what do they look for in the answer rather than the requirements of the question? Do they see the style and creativity of the writing, content and structure? Or is it some other way of checking? It would help me to know how I can write in order to garner marks!

    • No problem!

      What do they look for? It depends to a certain extent whether we are talking about GCSE, AS or A2 levels, although they are all pretty similar. I will have a dig around for one of my advice articles as they should give you some tips. Off the top of my head, style and fluency are important as they are one of the criteria, but your mark is determined as a best fit for all the criteria. So if you are an incredible writer, but are talking nonsense, don’t expect to end up in the top bands.


      Mr Sir

      • Thank you, Master! I will remember this in mind. Also, another humble request: if you may, can I write some of my original notes of some of the poems in my syllabus to you to see where they are good or not, content wise and otherwise? I would like an honest opinion to see if what I write is utter nonsense or good! Please tell me the faults, if there are any (which I think there will be tons so get ready 🙂 ) and please explain to me how I can correct them! And if there’s any section I need improvement in please tell me that as well! Also mention the positive aspects of my writing, if there are any haha 🙂

        P.S – Congo for the new baby! Hope he’s doing well 🙂 😛

  2. Hi Mr. Sir! My name is Shreemoyee.
    In my class 10 board results, I scored 68, much to my huge disappointment because I knew I studied well and knew the text throughout. I aspired to do much better. My AS levels started in April and since then, I have been an avid reader of your notes in the poetry section. I read your notes on the poems in my syllabus and I was absolutely impressed by the quality of your writing. It is wonderful! Since then I have been taking screenshots of your notes and noting them down in my separate notebook for Literature. Thank you for actually rising my love for Literature through your magical words and expressions for which I am truly grateful for being responsible for my newly developed habit to write my original notes. Thanks to you, I am developing new and unique ideas and interpretations on my own!
    I will definitely use your notes and mine to help me do better in my As levels next May. Thank you making me enjoy Literature thoroughly! When I get my class 11 results, I will surely inform you.
    Please reply! Would love to hear from my master 🙂

    • Haha, your master!

      Thank you for your kind words, glad I could help. Let me know if you have any specific questions/concerns I can help with. If not, I look forward to hearing about your results.

      Best of luck,

      Mr Sir

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