Happy holidays

What a lovely eight weeks it’s been! I hope you are as refreshed and rejuvenated as I am. If you’re reading this then I guess you’ve not just finished your exams, but if you have then I hope you did well. My classes excelled and I was really chuffed – my second set almost outperforming top set at iGCSE and everyone hit their target grade at AS-level!

I’ve had a really busy summer: two weeks of burning in Egypt, a week or so back in Europe, getting engage and two weeks of safaring with my parents. Still, the last couple of weeks have been nice and quiet.

You’ll notice that there hasn’t been much recent activity on the website, which has largely been down to my excessive holidaying and for the last week or so has been a result of my poverty forcing me to give up my beloved internet for a week or so; I’m not sure how I’ve coped.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to work offline and have more or less completed a bunch of posts for the iGCSE Songs of Ourselves section, but it might take a bit of time to get them all online. In the next couple of weeks I’m going to try my hardest to finish all the AS-level poetry analysis so I can focus on the iGCSE section. I’m also considering creating a section about universities and your options moving forward as I know a lot of international schools really are hopeless in this regards.

The site has now reached 32,000 visitors and seems to average around 300-500 a day, which is great and gives me motivation to keep going. If there is anything specific the site is missing. a poem you need analysis for now(!) or that isn’t working/looks terrible, then let me know and I’ll address it – otherwise, I just fiddle with tiny things (presentation of AS-level Songs of Ourselves page) that probably don’t make a difference.


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