Half of a Yellow Sun

This is a magnificent novel that is almost impossible not to enjoy.

Set in 1960s Nigeria, we follow the interweaving stories of Ugwu (a village boy), Olanna (a member of the Nigerian elite) and Richard (an English writer/journalist) through the early days of post-colonial rule and into the harrowing Biafran war. Through this characters we view the period from the perspectives of the haves, the have nots and the outsiders. The novel tackles complex themes such as war, love, gender and status.

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SummaryPart I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

– Themes – Gender

– Character Analysis

– Quotations

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6 thoughts on “Half of a Yellow Sun

  1. Hello Sir!

    Your work is absolutely brilliant! Can you please write some essays or give some guidelines about The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri? It’s in the AS syllabus now and there are no past paper questions on it yet apart from one. Please if you could help me with this I will be grateful!

    • Hi Maryam,

      Glad I could help, but I won’t be able to add any notes about The Namesake as I simply have no time and I’ve never read/heard of it!


      Mr Sir

  2. Hi.I’ve already read the novel.But I’m badly needing analysis on characters and I cannot get access to them here.what must I do? HELP PLEAAAASE :'(

    • Hi, don’t panic. This is one of my priorities and one of my students is going to help me out by uploading her notes. I will try and upload a breakdown and example of what I think you need to know in the next couple of weeks. No guarantees though as things are a bit hectic at the minute.

  3. I would really really appreciate it, if you could provide material for stories of ourselves as well. Desperate need of help 😐


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