Example Revision Booklet – iGCSE Songs of Ourselves – Volume 1, Part 4 (Navya Garikapati)

One of the things I like to get my classes to do is organise their ideas and analysis in a way that consolidates it in short bullet points or quotations that are easy for them to revisit come revision time.

This is an excellent example from a student that really took got on board with this. You might not be able to read all of it as my scanner is a bit rubbish, but it should give you a good general impression of her approach. Enjoy!

Author: Mr Sir

Although I've only been teaching Literature since 2011 and did my degree in History, I think that makes me better placed than many Lit teachers to provide notes that make sense and aren't garbled and wrapped up with inaccessible terminology and effluent nonsense. After adventures in Uganda and Uzbekistan, I am now settling down in the Netherlands. However, currently I am just about as unsettled as I have ever been, with a new job, a new baby, a new country and a hundred other things going on! Ask me a question, collaborate or abuse me.

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