Call to Arms! (Have you got a poem I’m missing?)

Dear all,

I’m sure you are wondering what I am up to like Willy Wonka locked up in my metaphorical chocolate house of wonders. Well, I can assure you it isn’t half as exciting as making an ever lasting chewing gum.

As well as playing around with a section about the pros and cons of studying in different countries, I’ve also begun putting together the poems for the new AS level syllabus. However, I don’t have the official text as I live in the back of beyond and I’m struggling to locate one of the poems in the list.

If you have the book or happen to have a copy of Death (by William Bell Scott), I’d be eternally grateful if you could send it to me. CIE seemingly always pick one really obscure poem that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere (last time it was A Farewell to the Reader).

I’ve also begun to create a hub page for all the essays that are on the website so that you can zoom to them if that’s what you’re into.


Mr Sir

3 thoughts on “Call to Arms! (Have you got a poem I’m missing?)

  1. Hi Mr Sir.

    Firstly I would like to thank you for your IGCSE Songs of Ourselves poetry notes, as they greatly helped me to get my A* in English Literature for the November exams last year.

    This year for my AS English we are doing Selected Poems of Wilfred Owen, and I was wondering if you had any notes on those?


    • Not a problem and well done on getting your *!

      Unfortunately, Wilfred Owen isn’t on my agenda. However, there is quite a lot of stuff out there about him and his poetry. If you are based in England, the Imperial War Museum used to have a fantastic section of war poets (I think it was named ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ after an Owen poem) that would definitely help understanding and context.


      Mr Sir

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