Baby born

Hi all,

Sorry for my silence, my baby boy was born on Thursday and I’ve had my hands full. Mum and baby are fine, but we are all a bit tired.

His name is Percy.


Thanks for your understanding,

Mr Sir

Author: Mr Sir

Although I've only been teaching Literature since 2011 and did my degree in History, I think that makes me better placed than many Lit teachers to provide notes that make sense and aren't garbled and wrapped up with inaccessible terminology and effluent nonsense. After adventures in Uganda and Uzbekistan, I am now settling down in the Netherlands. However, currently I am just about as unsettled as I have ever been, with a new job, a new baby, a new country and a hundred other things going on! Ask me a question, collaborate or abuse me.

12 thoughts on “Baby born”

  1. many many congrats Mr n Mrs Sir for your beautiful baby boy GOD BLESS ALL..I know its perhaps not the right moment but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MR SIR if in a near future you could analyse the poem Ode on Melancholy by John Keats so that I could help my students for their forthcoming exams .Thanking you in advance Mr Sir.

    1. Thanks Nav. Bloody hard work, but enjoying every second of it.

      Hope all is good your end,

      Mr Sir

      1. Hey Sir,
        I’m in India at the moment. Just had my university interview 2 days ago and waiting here for the results. It’s bloody hot here though!

      2. Hi Nav,

        Hope all is well there and that your results are what you wanted. Although I thought you were already sorted with a move to Canada?

        Just got back to Uzbekistan now and adjusting to a life without the wife and baby again 🙁

        Mr Sir

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