AS Poems and More on the way

Hi all,

I’ve been a little quiet on the website, but rest assured I have been busy. I’ve now compiled all the poems for the next lot of AS students, which is attached to the contents page.

In addition, I have been busy analysing a few of these poems and I can’t wait to get my teeth into the rest as there is some lovely poetry for us to discuss – including some more Christina Rossetti (I’ve missed her a bit, and it doesn’t matter if it is a section that I’ve already covered as part of the bigger poem).

I’ve also had a few people getting in contact with resources for a range of different texts and I’ve been trying to sort them and come up with a plan for how to include them effectively on the site. Expect news of this shortly.

If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch and I would be delighted to include your ideas.


Mr Sir

2 thoughts on “AS Poems and More on the way

  1. Dear Mr Sir,

    First of all, thank you for sharing your work; it has been enormously helpful to me. I teach IGCSE, AS and A Level Literature in English in Argentina and I am always on the lookout for fellow teachers around the world who might bring new insight and perspective into the way we teach poetry .

    I was in the process of preparing a booklet on Elizabeth Jennings for my AS group when I realized that too many of the poems in the selection were about mental illness and, well… I teach large groups and felt that not all my students would feel comfortable studying that particular anthology.

    In comes Mr Sir to the rescue! I found you had – Oh, so generously!- posted the Songs of Ourselves 2 anthology for 2017 as a Word document. Perfect!

    So here is my small contribution to you. Using the book Songs of Ourselves 2, I revised the anthology you posted and made some additions and corrections:
    -The poems in the book are thematically organised, so I have added the name of the section they belong to.
    -The indentation in some poems was missing, so I rearranged that, following the layout in the book. (I figured that, since it is published by CUP, they would follow their own standards in the exam.)
    – The poem Song, by Alun Lewis, was a different Song from the one you had published. It was Song (On seeing dead bodies floating off the Cape), so I replaced it.
    – The excerpt from Paradise Lost (Evening in Paradise) is longer than in the doc. I have added the next lines.
    – Death, by William Bell Scott was not on the doc, so I have transcribed that too.

    How can I send you the revised Word document? I feel silly, but I have not been able to find an email address on this site. If it is ok for you, write to me so I can send te revised anthology to you.

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Gaby,

      Thanks very much for this. I was aware of a few errors (I was umming and erring about the Alun Lewis one as different website had different ideas about which of his poems is known as Song) and my missing poem, but don’t have the anthology so couldn’t do much about it. This will mean I can get the collection finished! Brilliant!

      Great contribution, really appreciate it and will update the file on the site shortly.


      Mr Sir

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