AS-Level – Songs of Ourselves – Volume 2

Finally! The section is now complete and I hope all my ideas can help you out. However, this is the first collection I have not taught so my analysis has not been sharpened by classroom discussion and student input and thus I have probably missed a fair bit. Please comment away and add your ideas to the pile to help other readers out as you go through.

At the bottom of this page you’ll find a downloadable Word document containing all the poems. Expect the first few poems to be analysed in the next three weeks.

Click here for Analysis Breakdown

A bit of a mixture from across the volume, so I’ve organised it by which part it came through, which should automatically helps us with some thematic linking!


Part 1 – Love and Family
21. The Uncles (Robin Goodby)
28. On My First Daughter (Ben Jonson)
29. Sons, Departing (John Cassidy)

Part 2 – Birds, Beasts and the Weather
36. Ode on Melancholy (John Keats)

Part 3 – Travel, Migration and Society
66. These Are The Times We Live In (Imtiaz Dharker)
67. The Border Builder (Carol Rumens)
68. The Migrant (A. L. Hendriks)
69. The White House (Claude McKay)

Part 4 – Love, Wisdom, and Age
93. The Forsaken Wife (Elizabeth Thomas)
98. I Find No Peace (Thomas Wyatt)
101. Amoretti, Sonnet 86 (Edmund Spenser)
102. Rooms (Charlotte Mew)
108. Verse written on her Death-bed (Mary Monck)
117. Now Let No Charitable Hope (Elinor Wylie)
118. from ‘The Vanity of Human Wishes’ (Samuel Johnson)
119. from ‘An Essay on Criticism’ (Alexander Pope)

Part 5 – War, Sleep, and Death
126. Song (Alun Lewis)
130. Soldier, Rest! (Walter Scott)
135. I Dream of You, to Wake (Christina Rossetti)
139. Care-charmer Sleep (Samuel Daniel)
140. To Sleep (Sir Philip Sidney)
141. from Paradise Lost ‘Evening in Paradise’ (John Milton)
142. To the Evening Star (William Blake)
143. This is My Play’s Last Scene (John Donne)
145. Death (William Bell Scott)
146. Last Lines (Emily Brontë)
150. Requiem (Robert Louis Stevenson)

(Updated) Songs of Ourselves Volume 2 AS Selection – a lovely Word document with all the poems ready for printing and annotation. Big thanks to Maria Correa who helpfully updated my document with the missing poem, the incorrect poem and sorted out some of the formatting.

33 thoughts on “AS-Level – Songs of Ourselves – Volume 2

    • Hi Jasmine,

      It is on the way, I am half way through. I got distracted by house buying!

      Have I ever taught you? Or do y just mean the site has been helpful? Either way, thanks!


      Mr Sir

  1. Thanks so much for all of this analysis, I know it takes a lot of time. Looking forward to seeing the analysis of the remaining 3 poems. Thanks again.

    • Hi Selena,

      Thanks. I presume the ones you are trying to access are the ones that I haven’t yet actually written. If that is the case, you just need to be a little patient.


      Mr Sir

  2. Hi Mr Sir! Your poetry analysis has been extremely helpful. Its great to know that there are intellectual individuals out there like yourself who devote their time and effort for the public benefit. I would 1) like to immensely thank you for making my literature endeavor easier and 2) I was wondering when you would finish section 5 of songs of ourselves volume 2. Thanks again!

    • Hi Afifa,

      Thanks for your kind words. I am working on finishing the selection, but life is currently bogging me down. I’m half way through the next poem, so hopefully I will get a chance to get that up over the weekend. The site also dropped out recently and I am having to reprogramme and reorganise bits and bobs… more time!


      Mr Sir

  3. Dear Mr Sir,
    Your Analysis as always have been very helpful. However when do you think you would be able to finish the rest of the poems.

    Also there is a section of donations, but it is rather unclear how we could help you out. you have done tons for so many of us.
    So awaiting on the analysis and the donations.

    • Hi Sherwani,

      I am working on the rest of the collection and have been through all of the poems now. However, it takes some time to write up my ideas and I am struggling to find gaps at the moment. Hopefully it will be one a week for the next few weeks and therefore done by the end of October. This is not a cast iron guarantee though.

      I will look into the donation page again as it has been a bit tricky.


      Mr Sir

      EDIT TO SAY: The donations page should now be working (for now) 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your analysis! It helps me a lot in my work and allows me to have a deeper reading and understanding of the poems. You are a saviour!

    • I’ll get round to it, I promise. However, my life is ridiculously busy at the moment, but I will get on to it soon.


      Mr Sir

    • Yeah, I’ve been putting it off because I did it when I was at school and presumed there would be loads of stuff on the web about it. Will get round to it as soon as I can.


      Mr Sir

  5. Hie. May you please analyse the rest of the poems from section five, I’ve clearly understood the ones from the previous sections and have been of great help to my studies.

    • Hi Sharon,

      They are in the pipeline, but may take a few months to get through the rest of the collection. Hopefully all up by September.


      Mr Sir

  6. Hi. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the analysis on all the poems. I realise that you’re going in order but if you could analyse John Donne’s ‘This is my plays last scene’ next, that would be a lot of help!
    Thank you.

    • No problem, but you might be waiting a little while for JD as I am trying, as much as possible, to work through section to section. I’ll prioritise it when I reach the next section though. 🙂


      Mr Sir

  7. Mr. Sir, I heard of your site from a colleague and checked it out. It’s a great site! You are doing a wonderful job with the analyses. I teach Cambridge A level Literature in an International school in Nigeria, and your analyses have helped to reveal other views about the poems. I would like to have your email for possible collaborative work.

  8. Hello, I was wondering since the first two sections (part 1 and 2) are rather a mixture of contemporary and classical poems, which one were written in the nineteenth century to be exact? Thank you.

    • Hi Yasmin,

      I couldn’t tell you yet, as I’ve barely given them a second’s thoughts. I will put the dates on when I get round to it, but it isn’t a priority currently.


      Mr Sir

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