AS-Level – Songs of Ourselves – Volume 2, Part 3 (Travel, Migration & Society)

I’m putting this here as a statement of my intentions over the next year or so; it is a work in progress, no way this will be ready for this year’s exams. Sorry, people!

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66. These Are The Times We Live In
67. The Border Builder
68. The Migrant
69. The White House

This is my plays last scene (John Donne)
Death (William Bell Scott)
Requiem (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Last Lines (Emily Bronte)
Soldier, Rest! (Walter Scott)
Verse written on her Death-bed (Mary Monck)
I dream of you, to wake (Christina Rossetti)
The Forsaken Wife (Elizabeth Thomas)
Amoretti, Sonnet 86 (Edmund Spenser)
I Find no Peace (Thomas Wyatt)
Sons, Departing (John Cassidy)
On My First Daughter (Ben Jonson)
The Uncles
Now let no charitable hope (Elinor Wylie)
from ‘An Essay on Criticism’ (Alexander Pope)
from ‘The Vanity of Human Wishes’ (Samuel Johnson)
ode on Melancholy (John Keats)
To the Evening Star (William Blake)
To Sleep (Sir Philip Sidney)
Evening in Paradise (John Milton)
Care-charmer Sleep (Samuel Daniel)

2. Song (Lady Mary Wroth)
3. A Silent Love
4. Passion
5. Winter Song
6. Last Sonnet
7. Love (III)
8. Lovers’ Infiniteness
9. The Bargain
10. To My Dear and Loving Husband
11. ‘She was a Phantom of Delight’
12. If Thou must Love Me
13. The Wedding
14. Tiger in the Menagerie

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