A2-Level – Christina Rossetti: Selected Poems

Welcome back to CIE Literature those of you who browsed my analysis to assist with you AS-Levels, I hope you nailed the exams and have a lovely grade to carry forward.

For those of you new to the site: welcome! I hope these notes are useful and if I am missing anything or you have any questions or priority info needed then just pop me a message and I will see what I can do.

Okay, so it is  Christina Rossetti – you might remember her from iGCSE Songs of Ourselves (A Birthday) – this year for my bunch, which I was keen to do because she has a pretty interesting life and her poetry is filled with regret, misery and not so much with fulfilment. Although it might look like we’ve got less work as we only have 26 poems, there are some super long ones and the exam questions are slightly different to those in AS.

Before we plunge into our analysis, it might be an idea to read a bit about Rossetti in order to understand her influences and what she might have been thinking about when composing each of our poems. I’ve included a Biography that gives an overview of the main bits of her life you need to be aware of. Use both!

Here’s our list:

1. An Apple Gathering
2. At Home
3. A Better Resurrection
4. Cousin Kate
5. A Christmas Carol
6. Cobwebs
7. The Convent Threshold
8. Despised and Rejected
9. Echo
10. Goblin Market
11. Good Friday
12. The Lowest Place
13. Maude Clare
14. Monna Innominata
15. My Dream
16. Promises like Piecrust
17. Remember
18. A Royal Princess
19. Song (When I am dead, my dearest)
20. Winter: My Secret
21. Shut Out
22. Twice
23. Memory
24. Up-Hill
25. ‘Summer is Ended’
26. To Lalla, reading my verses topsy-turvey

– Comparison Grid
– Mock Examination Questions

11 thoughts on “A2-Level – Christina Rossetti: Selected Poems

  1. Hi, any idea by when you can finish the Comparison Grid for Rosseti’s poems? I’m sure they will be very useful for me and other students studying Rossetti. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Mel,

      Apologies, but I think I abandoned the idea (and have clearly not updated accordingly). I’ll have a quick check and get back to you if I have anything sorted that I simply forgot to link or post.


      Mr Sir

    • Amazeballs!? I’ll take that as a compliment although I’m too old to be familiar with the term.

      *awkwardly receives hug from an internet stranger*

      Mr Sir

    • Don’t worry, I am a hardy soul and can take a bit of pushiness.

      I’ll be making a start on it next week if I can get some free time, so hopefully it will be done by the 12th September. I have been putting it off because it is such a massive monster of a thing, as is Monna Innominata the other poem outstanding.

      In the interim, there is some good stuff about it on Schmoop and Victorian web, if you do a little bit of Googling.


      Mr Sir

  2. Thankyou so much. Your notes are really helpful. I want to ask why haven’t you provided any analysis or notes for some of the poems eg, Goblin market, A royal princess etc

    • I haven’t provided them as I haven’t quite got round to it. Too late for this year’s exam, but they will get done; currently half way through notes for ‘A Royal Princess’, but there is a lot to get through and I’ve been interrupted by marking and report deadlines.

      Thanks for commenting, glad they were of use.

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