Themes are an odd thing to think about. They are the big ideas running through a play that sort of infringe on everything that is going on; another way of thinking about it would be the things the playwright, author, director wants us to think about beyond the play itself (although in many cases, I’m sure English teachers imagine they want us to think about them, when really they were just composing nice little stories).

I’ve shamelessly bastardised the information about each theme and the questions asked here from Shmoop, so do check out their notes too. However, the answers here are all my own (and a few… lots of ideas from my Year 11s).

 – Gender

Foolishness and Folly


– Love

8 thoughts on “Themes

  1. I have my lit exam nxt Friday for paper 3 and Monday for paper 4. I wanted to know if there were some particular types of questions for midsummer night’s dream as well like u had pointed out for the poetries in the FAQ section….?

    • I’ve not actually taught A Midsummer Night’s Dream for AS-level, so haven’t studied the questions. However, you should be able to spot some patterns if you check some of the past papers out – all texts in a section should have the same formula in terms of the way questions are written. Without looking I would suggest that thematic questions and character questions are hugely popular, you may also get questions that focus on Shakespeare’s comedic element or dramatic techniques – usually the focus of iGCSE extract questions.

  2. please help me answer this question.

    comment closey on the conversation between puck and the fairies in act 2 scene 1 showing how shakespeare presents the world and values the fairies.

    • Not really the aim of this site to help you with your homework. What I will say is that the fairies are meant to represent the magical world and reflect Titania’s beauty and provide a lovely comparison to all of Quince’s idiots acting out the play within a play; Puck is a bit of an outsider and a complete contrast in his looks and also in how mischievous he is.

      Hope this is of some help. Remember when you are making points to tie them closely to short quotations from the extract you’ve been given.

      • Alright so can u please post some example questions, like those which u may have given to your iGCSE students,of MND?? I’ll just have a look at them and practice those which I find very similar to the AS pattern.

      • I will have a look, but I am a bit busier than recent weeks at the moment, so might struggle to be particularly helpful.

    • Eventually I will, but I’ll confess it’s not my top priority as there are loads of sites that have already got pretty amazing AMND analysis. If you haven’t checked out the two I mentioned on the welcome page, you really should. Once I get all my poetry finished I’ll return to AMND with a vengeance.

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