1,000,000 Reasons to be Happy

Morning all,

So, we are now in the thick of exam season and where the hell have I been? Unresponsive to comments, website crashing for a day, no new posts for a few weeks!

I am sure this has been enough to drive you mad with anger and desire for my blood to be spilled. However, fear not as I am back and will do everything I can to save you from the villainy of examination time.

Although offering excuses or apologies is a weakness, I shall indulge you just this once. My time has been consumed by a school trip to London that I was roped into organising after the original organiser took the hump when she was told she couldn’t bring her whole family along (I kid you not!). Anyway, the short story is that our travel agent was incompetent, one of my staff was hospitalised for the whole week and our children don’t understand how roads work.

The trauma is over however. No deaths, lots of smiles and my sanity clinging on by a thread. As soon as I allowed my body to relax after the trip I was consumed by a rather nasty bout of man flu and thus I write to you from home today.

During my week away the site went a bit crazy. I had so many hits that my servers couldn’t handle it and then my hosting provider made some excuses and tried to destroy the site. However, they fixed it the next day. Hopefully no lasting damage was done to your prospects. All this exam traffic has taken the site to 1,000,000 views in total in its 3 year history (well, I am about 1,000 short, but we will get there later today). May saw 130,000 views, 50,000 more than the previous high.

Considering this is something I do in my spare time, I am delighted with these numbers and hope to continue growing the site. With that in mind, I will be putting in some serious work to the university section, that I started a couple of months ago and then got distracted from.

I will be putting a pause on marking essays until I have thought of a decent strategy for doing it. Ultimately I am pretty sure it will have to become a paid for service as I had so many requests and people got a bit demand-y despite me doing them a favour! I might potentially tie it to the donations tab  (thanks for the £13 I have received so far… 🙂 ) and make a £10 donation equate to 2 essays being marked (a rough equivalence for exam marking), but I will let you know when I have fine tuned things.

Okay, now let’s do some work!

Mr Sir

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